The Acne Solution

Selective sebaceous gland destruction with Agnes

  • Adult acne
  • Chronic relapsing acne
  • Acne on jaw line
  • Inflammatory acne

Selective sebaceous gland destruction

  • Ultimate solution for acne treatment;
  • No downtime;
  • Definite sign of improvement after three times of treatment;
  • Suitable for patients who does not want to take oral medication;
  • No side effect after treatment
  • Reduce treatment time and recurrence rate

Cautions after treatment

  • Treated spots may seem red after treatment, but this appearance is temporary;
  • Little swelling and fever may occur, but this reaction will disappear soon;
  • Scabs can appear on treated spots, but will naturally be removed;
  • Do not touch treated areas with hands;

Like you will never have hairs if you destroy hair roots, you will never have acne again if you destroy sebaceous gland.

Journal published:
International journal of dermatology 2012

Before & After


1 month after the 1st treatment and before the 2nd treatment

4 months after the 2nd treatment

8 months after the 2nd treatment

1 year after the 2nd treatment and before the 3rd treatment

9 months after the 3rd treatment