No More Syringoma

Syringoma treatment, now easier than never before with Agnes

  • No downtime
  • Minimize red spots after treatment
  • No scabs after treatment

Why Agnes?

  • Using Agnes leaves no scabs on epidermis;
  • No scabs, no spots;
  • No particular pre-treatment necessary and no downtime;
  • Three to five times at interval, between one to three months;

Cautions after treatment

  • Little swelling and fever may occur, but this reaction will disappear soon;
  • Small scabs may occur, where the needle was inserted;
  • If no remarkable progress occur for the first one month, the result will gradually improve in between two to six months;
  • The phagocytes will destroy the syringoma after a certain time of treatment;

Before & After


3 months after the treatment


3 months after the second treatment