Double Chin Treatment

Why Agnes?

  • Immediate fat reduction
  • Extremely short down time (3~5 days)
  • Noticeable, Natural, Reliable and Long Lasting
  • Repeatable with no incision

Treatment Methods

Subject of treatment: The person who has thick subcutaneous fat (not leptosomatic physique)

    1. Apply anesthetic cream in a thick layer to the site of the
      procedure (20 min to 30 min);
    2. Mark the procedure area in a sitting position
    3. For an anesthetic injection, we recommend a 33 G cannula

Apply one to two shots at intervals of 3 ~ 5 mm on the double jaw area and treat only this area.

Tighten the skin so that it does not get tangled.

Procedure interval treatment is recommended twice every two months.

Procedure time depends on the range 5 to 20 minutes / 1 time.

Guarda il video e scopri subito come eliminare il doppio mento con Agnes

Cautions after treatment


    1. After the procedure, there might appear tingles and swelling. (Please calm down the skin surface with ice packs for few minutes)
    2. After the procedure, clean the area with saline solution;
    3. The swelling progresses might occure for 1 to 2 weeks after the procedure;
    4. After the procedure, attach a hydrocolloids dressing bandage to promote fibrinolysis angiogenesis and wound healing;
    5. Bruising are rarely, but can occur.

Before & After


After treatment